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One evening upon retiring, I suddenly found myself flying through the starry night sky far above the Earth. I was accompanied by two silvery winged beings, who did not speak but gestured and pointed in graceful motion at particular light clusters on the planet below. Their features were strong, yet soft and although their mannerisms indicated urgency, it seemed as if we had all the time in the world to be together. Their minds communicated many things to me regarding Earth, its inhabitants and the off-world consortiums whose assistance plans were currently underway. They spoke of prophesies and predictions, new potentials and gave a multitude of information regarding the closing of 9 interdimensional ‘gates’ in the southern hemisphere. At one point, their gaze penetrated deeply into my soul and I felt completely overwhelmed. In the next moment the three of us gently dipped below the clouds and dove into a glittering sea. As my body hit the water, I suddenly awakened in my bedroom; it was 4:00 AM.

It was a little before 2:00 PM the next afternoon and after a brief meditation on my couch I fell asleep and spontaneously awakened inside of a golden pyramid. Although I did not or could not visually see the outside shape of the structure, it somehow felt familiar, as if I had been there before many times. The walls were smooth and as I made my way down a long, dimly lit corridor my hands skimmed a series of symbols and images, which were embedded into the walls. As I approached the end of the hallway, I saw some white cloaked figures in a large room performing some type of invocation and ceremony. Although most of the figures seemed oblivious to my presence, one of them turned to me and said “I am Isis!” She took my hand and led me up a steep narrow staircase into a circular room, which she said was directly under the capstone. As we entered the spherical room I felt a cool breeze move through me and watched as my mysterious guide dematerialized right in front of my eyes. I then watched the room change into a series of bright colors and the next thing I remember I was laying on the couch in my home feeling a bit jet-lagged but extremely exhilarated.

Both of the experiences listed above and many others are commonplace in my day-to-day life. These experiences are instigated through my perpetual yearning for multidimensional knowledge, combined with my openness and communications with a multitude of different life-forms, some of which are nonhuman. And always, after each and every occurrence I feel more expanded and experience many days of amazing insights and spiritual upgrades. As for other examples, I often find myself on-board large spaceships for ‘federation’ meetings periodically each month during the daytime hours. And it is not uncommon to have 6 inch high faeries sit on my shoulder or on the armrest of one of my chairs whispering in my ear or showing me how to create new colors in my accelerators by blending odd combinations of pencils together. I also frequently receive communications from the plants and crystals in my home or while I am out cycling in the wee morning hours. In addition, when I am in a restaurant or coffeehouse with friends, their guides and other beings will often prompt me to give them specific information they may need to complete a project or move to the next level of their growth. So as you can see, for many of us these types of experiences are constant; never ceasing and always welcomed communiqués providing incredible inspiration and mind-boggling information.

Of course, I also have a 3-D life, which is amazingly, intricately interlaced with all of my other worldly experiences, writings and artwork. I too have the same day to day life experiences which many of you have. I pay my bills, do my daily errands (grocery store, bank, post office etc.) and thoroughly enjoy sitting at home watching movies by myself. I frequently have amazing (and often laughingly trivial) conversations with friends on the telephone and enjoy working in the yard outside and taking the occasional hike or drive though the city and local mountains. I spend the early portion of most days formatting the etheric information I receive, which is always recorded daily on an MP3 player. I take 2 days off per week and attempt to do as little as possible, which relaxes and clears my channels and resets my energy field. So, as many of you, I feel I have a blessed life, which provides me with both great adventures and perpetual insight on literally anything I choose to focus my consciousness on. I can only imagine what more is to come and anticipate with great joy all future journeys I will be embarking upon.

When I look at my life now and the lives of many others who are intensely dedicated on their individual spiritual paths, I marvel at our ability to maintain a high consciousness in such a crazy and often intensely cumbersome polarity reality. It is often a challenge to become an integrated human being, especially one who is attempting to merge with the higher dimensional matrixes. In the past, many unintegrated spiritual initiates and teachers have literally blown their circuits and left the planet in a split second without any warning. Many individuals often become fragmented due to their attempt to maintain a higher stream of consciousness by shutting out many of the necessary energies and experiences of the 3-D world. This can especially affect walk-ins and starseeds who come from other, more advanced worlds and feel alienated and uncomfortable on Earth. Often the ‘red flags’ or signs of being an unintegrated lightworker are excessive cynicism, judgment and disrespect of other teachers/teachings along with a desperateness to get their ‘message’ out. This is often accompanied by the perpetual feeling of being misunderstood and unappreciated. Also, an unintegrated lightworker will often have ‘tunnel vision,’ focusing solely on an illusionary ‘love and light’ reality or some type of E.T./Earth human ‘rescue’ scenario.

Whether you have come here to teach, to channel, to create or to heal, one of your primary goals is to achieve multidimensional integration. What this means is that in order to blend all of the diverse multidimensional experiences in your life, you must be able to shift and ground your energy in multiple realities quickly and often spontaneously. This will allow your awareness to become very fluid and to ebb and flow through many dimensional frequencies whenever necessary. For example, a fully integrated multidimensional human will be able to view situations and experiences from a detached perspective, seeing all angles including the underlying energetic transaction taking place. In order to do this your emotional body must be balanced and you must be unafraid to traverse a great diversity of multidimensional scenarios and accommodate the often painful (negative) and bizarre historical Earth truths. Consequently, always know that you are in the right place at the right time, experiencing exactly what you are supposed to experience. Also understand that there are many perspectives regarding every experience and that your role is to see beyond all of the misconceptions and misinterpretations and determine for yourself what is ‘true’ and what you need from each situation.

The Integrated Journey

As more and more blessings descend from the etheric realms into Earth's dimensional matrix, the inspiration and creativity are beginning to blossom like never before. New forms of everything are beginning to appear, through the assistance of both our reawakened memory and the merging of our consciousness with that of other life-forms. Therefore, it is beneficial for us to be as balanced and integrated and as ‘real’ as possible at all times. This is a choice, an option which everyone is being offered in every moment of every day. This I have learned through much personal trial and error, through the constant assistance of my unseen companions, through many stimulating conversations with others and through thousands of e-mail communications over the last 5 years. Therefore, everyday I strive for balance and integration between all aspects of myself including the human, the angelic and the galactic. In truth, it is this integration and seamless blending of all of our multidimensional aspects that will ultimately take us from this world into the new Golden Age.

Peace and Blessings be with all of you!


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